In this three-minute read, we share top tips for successful camping trips in Scotland or closer to home in Ayrshire.

Friday 2 July sees the start of the UK’s National BBQ Week – one of the Great British public’s favourite pastimes as well and checking out properties on Rightmove!   Whether it’s bangers, halloumi burgers or spicy cauliflower steaks on the menu, BBQs are the number one meal option when it comes to camping trips.

We’ve put together a list of essential items for a successful camping trip.

Prepare for all kinds of weather

We all are very well aware or how unpredictable our Scottish weather can be. However, there’s no such thing as bad weather if you’re appropriately dressed. But a lightweight rain coat and an extra sweatshirt are a good idea if the weather is unkind.

A travel-size games compendium might come in handy if rain forces you to retreat inside your tent.

Portable power bank

In an ideal world, camping trips should be full of wholesome fun; muddy knees, swinging on tree ropes and marshmallows by the campfire.

In reality, the kids still need their Peppa Pig fix or Instagram updates and you might need to keep an eye on work too.

So, to keep you connected, a portable charger is an absolute must-have   

First-aid kit

Be prepared for all manner of first-aid needs – nettles, insect bites, BBQ or sun-related burns, and don’t forget about the famous Scottish midges.

Kit yourself out with plasters, antibacterial cleansing wipes, healing cream, and maybe some paracetamol for the morning after. Better to be safe than sorry.

An extra loo roll (or two)

Not that we’re endorsing buying more than you need (we still remember the Covid-19 loo roll fiasco), but a couple in reserve is always sensible.

A gadget for everything

Don’t forget the corkscrew, imagine a camping trip with no wine!!  Or better still, invest in a Swiss army knife – opening tins is near on impossible without a can opener. And you never know when you might need that emergency nail file.

If you’ve got any camping tips to share, or even better, recommend your favourite campsite in Ayrshire or Scotland in general, get in touch with us here at Parkview Property Ltd.

Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day