Here are seven top tips to ensure landlords don’t miss a thing when it comes to property inspections.

  1. By law, a landlord can’t just turn up unannounced – you must give at least 24 hours’ notice. Be reasonable and remember there are legal procedures to follow when booking an inspection.
  • Have a systematic approach. Use a standardised form, and go from room to room, taking photos and notes.
  • Don’t just look inside; ensure the tenant is maintaining the garden according to the rules set out in the rental agreement. Also, check pipework (inside and out), drains and electrical sockets.
  • Test alarms and extraction fans.
  • Ask the tenant if there is anything they want to discuss.
  • Once you’ve completed your inspection, sign it and share it with the tenant (ask them to sign it, too).
  • File the inspection so that you have a paper trail in case of a future dispute.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to conduct regular inspections, call us today.  Our inspections are carried out using an online digital platform.  It’s environmentally friendly and easily accessible to tenants and landlords.

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